Orthopedic Billing Partners has reporting procedures and processes that are truly unequaled in the medical billing industry. Complete transparency with easy to read dashboard reports that are available 24/7 on-line from any computer with an internet connection.

A daily glance at the medical billing and coding dashboard reports ill help keep your practice on track and give you significant piece of mind.

Our medical billing and coding reporting is unparalleled in the medical billing industry. We do not provide clients with mounds of paper reports each month in which a few important pieces of information are hidden.

Orthopedic Billing Partners medical billing and coding reporting is actionable and provides you with the information required to fully understand the state of your practice and understand what actions need to be taken to improve your performance.

Unparalleled reporting and analytical support capabilities

No Set-Up or Start-Up Costs

Proven Track Record

Complete Solution

Incredible, 100% US Based Team

Custom Reporting and Feedback

Process and Technology